Sending a Fax from ACT!

1. Sign up for eFax

2. Install eFax Messager Software

3. Get in to ACT!

4. Get to the contact you want to fax

wpe23.jpg (94371 bytes)

5. Write, Fax

wpe28.jpg (9333 bytes)

6. Fill in youir document as desired

wpe29.jpg (76740 bytes)

7. Click the Send button at the top

wpe2A.jpg (1024 bytes)

8. Select Send as a Fax...

wpe2B.jpg (3923 bytes)

9. You will see it preparing the open document for faxing

wpe2C.jpg (6232 bytes)

10.  Select the Fax tab.  You could click on Send Fax now, or...

wpe2D.jpg (27320 bytes)

11. Select the Advanced... button for more options to fill in more details for the recipient

wpe2E.jpg (31406 bytes)

12.  You will see an email created, ready to send with the email program configured with ACT!, such as Microsoft Outlook

wpe2F.jpg (31220 bytes)

Your document will be an EFX file which is sent to the EFax server and converted into a regular fax for delivery via phone lines.


202-449-9500 or 888-892-3669 Fax