Empty Recycle Bin and Delete Temp Files

Your recycle bin contains files you have deleted. They are like garbage in the garbage can. You need to carry them out to the street! I have seen recycle bins (?) with over 1000 files. This situation can interfere with Windows, and ACT!. Go to My computer and look for the recycled folder, which looks like a trash can. Open it, click on File Empty Recycle Bin.

Many programs create temporary files known by the names ~ + name of file, i.e.~lastdocument.doc, and store them where you might not find them without looking. These files add up over time unless you clean them off your hard drive. They can interfere with the normal functioning of Window, ACT! and other programs. Periodically cleaning house is necessary as follows:

1. Start Find files or folders (Win 95/8) or Search (Win 2000 or Me)
2. Named: Enter *.tmp
3. Make sure you are looking in C:\
4. "including subfolders" should be checked.

You will build a list of files. You can delete all of them, using Edit Select All, and File Delete. Some files may include locations of Internet locations you have recently visited, and other files that speed up searches, so you might want to simply delete the files in Windows\Temp.