Ban Screen Savers

Screen Savers originating outside of Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, Screen Savers should be banned from your computer. Why the injustice of banning pictures of the Sierras, or whatever suits your fancy? Because they interfere with ACT!.

Basically they start up periodically and take over unseen functions that ACT! needs to operate. Specifically programs made by After Dark, and other manufacturers, as well as those you downloaded from the Net can interfere with ACT! 

Sorry. The good news is that our friend Microsoft has supplied us with an ever increasing list of available Screen Savers from the above mentioned location which you can use, some of which are actually interesting.

Screen "savers" do not actually save the screen.  If anything, they make it work harder during off hours.  The best screen saver of all is to turn the monitor off at night.