Sharing Toolbars and Menus

Question: How can I share customized toolbars and menus across different machines?

Answer: You can back up the toolbar and menu-specific ACT! registry keys to copy them to other machines.

In order for this to work, the following must be true for each workstation:
  • Each system must have the same operating system
    Ex. Windows 2000
  • You must have the same install path for the operating system
    Ex. C:\WINNT
  • Any items referenced by custom commands must be in the same path
    Ex. M:\ACT\Macros\Util.exe
  • All affected computers must have the same version of ACT!
    Ex. ACT 2000 5.0.3
  • All computers must have ACT! installed using the same path.
    Ex. C:\ACT\ACT.EXE
    The path may differ from the default C:\Program Files\ACT but it must be the same for all computers.


    1. Launch the ACTDIAG.EXE for the ACT! Data Diagnostic Tool

    2. Click the Options menu, and choose Back Up ACT! Registry
    A dialog box appears, giving several options for backing various aspects of the ACT! program...

    3. Uncheck all the boxes that are checked by default, except the Menus and Toolbars box. Then click the Backup ACT! Registry button

    4. On the Save As screen, choose an easily remembered location or floppy diskette.
    Ex. M:\ACT\ACTReg or A:\ACTReg
    Note: If your users are sharing a database on the network, you can save this file directly to a shared folder on the network. If they are remote, you can put it on a diskette, or send them an eMail attachment.

    5. When the other users receive the registry file, all they will need to do is double-click on the file to enter the changes to the registry.

    Note: If changes do not implement properly, close all applications, reboot and try again.

    Note: Importing registry files may cause corruption to the system registry. Backup the system registry before importing.