Installing ACT! 6.0 with Internet Explorer 5.0


To determine if ACT 6.0 will perform correctly on all functions while installed by making it "think" Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 was installed, when it was actually IE 5.0

Some organizations do not want to upgrade to IE 5.0 until it is fully tested with all their software, or like to stay "one version behind" to avoid software bugs.   Sometimes System Administrators are very stubborn about upgrading, especially at larger organizations.

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ACT! 6.0 will perform well on most functions, but might crash on Internet Services
There must be some reason IE 5.5 is required, for all functions to work


Toshiba Pentium Laptop loaded with Windows 98, Internet Explorer 5.0, and ACT! 2000


        NOTE: First backup up your Windows Registry before making any changes to it.
        Notify your System Administrator, or get assistance on this, if you have any doubts.

        Click here for Procedures for ACT! 6.0 Setup by making Windows Registry change from IE 5.0 to 5.5

Test Results: 





Lookups 9/28/02 All lookups work fine OK
Compresss & Reindex 9/28/02 Compressed in the normal time OK
ACTDiag 6.0 9/28/02 Database Quick  Check
Scan Database Integrity
Registry Permissions Test
Users Report
All Green - OK
All Green - OK
Write menu 9/28/02 Preview Letter, fax
Using Word
Reporting 9/28/02 Preview random sample of 5 reports OK
Email 9/28/02 Send 3 emails OK
Internet Services 9/28/02 Go to Web pages within ACT! OK
Web page launch from ACT! 9/28/02 Go to 5 pages OK
Daily Usage Test 9/28/02 Install 5000 record database OK
Check Internet Explorer 5.0 with Registry changed to 5.5 9/28/02 Automatically went to
Did not update. 
Surfed 10 web pages
Submit form
Seems OK
Seems to want to upgrade to IE 5.5
Synchronization 10/1/2002 Synchronize between Rodrigo home & Office
Rick between home and laboratory
OK Successful
OK Successful

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An Invalid Page Fault did occur, on an unrelated function, in Edit Preferences, while changing the Scheduling options

pagefault.jpg (22486 bytes)


No feature was found not to work, despite unusual installation with ACT! 6.0 working with Internet Explorer 5.0 which had a Registry change to 5.5

The hypothesis that something would crash did not come through.   Further testing and replication of this experiment should be done.  Otherwise it would seem that the IE 5.5 requirement for installation of ACT! 6.0 is not necessary.

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