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PowerTabs 1.0



The best way to create unlimited relational tables inside ACT!




PowerTabs allows the user to create relational tables which can be easily manipulated within ACT!
It gives you complete control over the parameters of the tables which are also available at anytime in a ‘Contact’ tab.
The user can create, modify and delete saved data within an ACT! tab.
Powertabs is based on the the standard administation functions of ACT!


PowerTabs emphasises the right of the administrator to manage the tables connected to ACT!

The PowerTabs user can personalise the columns which are shown in the ACT! tab.

PowerTabs allows the definition of rights of access to particular information of different ACT! users.





PowerTabs extends the functional parametres of Act! by adding an unlimited number of tables available through a ‘Contact’ tab.

The tables created can be shared as needed either in read-only format or in a format which allows them to alter the data as well as read it.



The fields created integrate the format of numerical and written data.
The data saved can be manipulated to perfection and can be transferred into Excel© files with a simple click of the mouse.
PowerTabs allows the use of a password to protect access to saved data.
Powertab allows the user to create unlimited fields, tables and lists.



System requirements



- Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
- ACT ! 5.0 / 2000 © minimum
- Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
- RAM 128 Mo
- Free disk space : 10 MO
- Excel 97© or higher
- Internet Explorer 5.0 minimum