Read Me for ACT! v. 6.0.3 for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
May 1, 2003

Copyright 2003 Interact Commerce Corporation, a Division of Best
Software. All rights reserved.

This document contains important information about using ACT! v. 6.0.3.
Please review this document before starting ACT!. You can print a copy
of this file for future reference.

What's New for ACT! v. 6.0
To learn about new features in ACT! v. 6.0, open ACT! and then select
"Help Topics" from the Help menu. Under the "Welcome to ACT!" topic,
select the "New Features in ACT!" sub-topic.

ACT! v. 6.0.3 Improvements
The ACT! v. 6.0.3 update includes the following new features in e-mail:

- Performance improvements
- Eudora support
- Ability to use AutoFill (type-ahead) to address e-mail messages
to contacts and address the messages by typing the contacts' first
name, last name, company name, or e-mail address
- Ability to specify how to search for addresses that aren't matched by
- The Bcc field, when added, stays visible
- Ability to use strikeout, superscript, and subscript in e-mail
- Ability to mark messages as Read and Unread
- Ability to add/remove columns and set column width
- Ability to create an Activity from an e-mail message
- Ability to create multiple signatures and to assign specific
signatures to each e-mail system you have set up (see “E-Mail
Signatures” below)

Other features included are:

- When using Outlook Integration and selecting a contact from an ACT!
address book, an (ACT!) tag is appended to e-mail addressees in Outlook.
- Calendar pop-ups now appear in all Calendars and in the recap area
(Activities List) in Calendars.
- The Show/Hide setting button retains your settings in the Alarms
dialog box in ACT!.
- There is now an option to set a path to the ALARMS.ALM file used by
SideACT! for alarms monitoring.

ACT! on the Web
Visit to:

- Obtain an ACT! web site profile
- Sign up for the ACT! eNewsletter
- Learn valuable tips and tricks
- Purchase copies of ACT!, ACT!-related products, and the Official ACT!
QuickStudy Guide
- Browse the extensive add-on catalog
- Find an ACT! Certified Consultant in your area
- Read about volume licensing

Windows XP Compatibility & Security
ACT! v. 6.0 is fully compatible with Windows XP. Windows XP introduces
new forms of security and file access protection. For more information
about security errors, refer to "About operating system security
levels" or "Providing access to functions" in the online Help.

ACT! and Outlook
- Integrating ACT! E-mail with Outlook

When sending e-mail from Microsoft Outlook using your ACT! database as
an address book, Microsoft Word cannot be used as the e-mail editor.
Refer to Outlook's documentation to switch from Word to the built-in
Outlook editor.

- Using an ACT! database as an Address Book in Outlook

To learn about using your ACT! database as an address book in Outlook,
refer to "Using Outlook E-mail with ACT!" in the online Help.

- Using Outlook at the same time as ACT! E-mail

Due to a known problem with Outlook, if you integrate ACT!'s e-mail
With Outlook, you may have problems if you close Outlook while ACT!'s
e-mail is still running. For this reason, it is recommended that you
do not open Outlook while using ACT!'s e-mail. If you must open Outlook
to perform Outlook-related tasks, do not close it until you close ACT!.

E-mail Signatures
ACT! automatically adds an e-mail signature to a new message created in
the ACT! e-mail client, and you can also insert a signature manually.
ACT! v. 6.0.3 allows you to use multiple signatures and assign a
default signature to each e-mail system you have set up. If you
previously used a signature, you will need to set your signatures up
for each e-mail system you use with ACT!'s e-mail client. See Online
Help for more information.

ACT! will not automatically insert a signature into a new message if
you choose E-mail from the Write menu in ACT! or if you click on a
contact's e-mail address; in these cases, ACT! uses the "emailbody.gmt"
E-mail Template. You can edit the emailbody.gmt file to contain any
Information you want, similar to the Letter Templates.

New Saved/Attached Message Format
In ACT! v. 6.0.3, the format for saved and attached e-mail has been

As a result, messages stored in some folders (not messages attached to
contacts) will be updated during the installation or ACT! Update
process. Once you have installed ACT! v. 6.0.3, this format will be
used to saved messages you send and attach to contacts and messages
you receive and manually attach to contacts. E-mail you previously
attached to contacts prior to ACT! v. 6.0.3 will not be affected.

Outlook Express 6 Security
When sending e-mail from Microsoft Outlook Express 6 using ACT!, you
may receive warnings from Outlook Express. To disable these security
warnings, refer to "Disabling the Outlook Express 6 security warning"
in the online Help.

Using ACT! with WinFax
There is a known issue using ACT! v. 6.0 with Symantec WinFax 10.02.
Refer to the ACT! Knowledge Base article for more

Extra Templates
ACT! 6 includes several new Report, Letter, and E-mail Templates.
These Templates appear in sub-folders within their respective folders.
When these files are backed up and then restored using ACT!'s built-in
backup feature, the restored files appear in their respective main
folders and not in the sub-folders.